Advanced targeting

Advanced targeting

Advanced targeting add-on was created so you can more specifically choose your audience and make your marketing campaigns more effective. You can add one popup for mobile visitors and completely different for everyone else. What browser he is using, maybe you need to show a message for IE users? Or is he logged in or has commented before, all this and more can be targetted extremely easy.

It really allows you to target visitors based on a lot of different criteria. For example targeting visitors which use a mobile device to check your website together with analytics add-on is extremely useful, you can create split tests and see how well your popups perform and if there is a need for any improvement.

Here is a full list of features this add-on provides:

  • Exit intent
  • Timer (trigger message after some time)
  • Inactivity
  • After scroll
  • Only on mobile device
  • Not on mobile device
  • From a specific referrer
  • Browser
  • Visitor is logged in
  • Visitor is not logged in
  • Visitor has commented before
  • Visitor has never commented before
  • Click trigger
  • First-time visitor
  • Target specific pages
  • Exclude specific pages


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