Popup Manager Analytics

Popup Manager Analytics

Analytics add-on, at first sight, might seem as a simple add-on but in fact, it is a powerful tool for your marketing campaign.

A/B testing nowadays is really important because that is the only way for you to tell for sure what works the best and I’m sure you don’t want to spend your time and resources on campaigns that don’t work. It allows you to eliminate the guesswork and make your decisions based on data. And this is where popup manager analytics add-on comes really handy because you can not only see how each popup is performing but you can also easily create A/B split tests and randomly show them to your website visitors. You can try different headlines, content, layouts, designs to see what works best for your particular target group.



Create A/B split test


Creating split tests are really easy, you just have to click on the split test button and it will create a duplicate of your existing popup. Then you can start making any changes to the popup in the same way as for a normal one. Plus you can create an unlimited number of such tests and the difference from a standard popup is that these ones will be a part of your split test group and they will be shown to visitors randomly so that you can check which of these popups from particular group works the best.

Then using analytics you can track impressions, conversions, date and page on which the conversion happens.



Analytics overview

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