Content Locker

Content Locker

Content locker add-on is a great way to gain more social followers and popularity through various social networks.

It’s really important to give the visitor a reason why they should follow or share your content. Even if you have a great website visitors often do nothing to spread the word so you have to give them a really good reason to drive them to action. This is where content locker add-on comes in as a great choice if you want to share freebies but in return want a Share/Tweet/+1 or a Follow from the user.

WordPress content locker add-on allows you to gain popularity in social networks fast if you have valuable content that your visitors seek.

At the moment locker add-on is integrated with these social options:

  • Facebook like button
  • Facebook share button
  • Twitter tweet button
  • Twitter follow button
  • Google +1 button
  • Google+ share button
  • LinkedIn button
  • Pinterest button

Visitors won’t be able to access your hidden content until they take action.

Inline locker feature is only available when used together with Inline add-on.


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